It’s hard out there for a blonde

You know, it’s really hard to wear red lipstick when you’re a blonde.  I’ve heard some say that blondes should avoid red lipstick altogether, but I call those people killjoys.  Still. Brunettes can just slap on a good, honest whore’s red with nary a worry and still look like, well…


 But should I or any of my blonde sisters try something similar it’s all to easy to end up with something entirely different.


Shudder.  The red lip is a tricky thing to do, but it is possible.  You can do the red lip very literally, like these ladies:



 Which is just great if you  have a crack team of hair and makeup ninjas at your disposal, but not exactly practical for work or a low-key night at the pub.  But a casual red lip is doable if you’re blonde, and it can be so, so pretty and easy.  I’d never thought I’d say this, but this woman is my new red lip idol:


 You should look pleased with yourself, Sienna, because for a woman who has so egregiously abused lipstick in the past I shall now have you in mind whenever I reach for a bit of red to cheer myself up.  Look at how pretty she looks! So fresh and uncontrived and groomed and appropriate! She just about encapsulates all I have learned in my years of wearing red even though I wasn’t supposed to, which include:


  •  If you’re a fair-skinned blonde, the ‘only emphasise one feature’ rule doesn’t apply to you. If you’re going to do a strong mouth you really do need to team it with a neutral but defined eye and a barely perceptible amount of bronzer brushed about the cheeks and temples. 
  • Straight-up red is really difficult. It can often help to go a touch darker (I like Nars Red Lizard), or lighter, like Ms Miller, or even move away from red altogether. Nars Funny Face is a solid, matte blue-based fuschia, and it’s surprisingly wearable and contemporary. 
  • I love a slash of liquid liner with a bare face, but not with full-on lipstick or it starts to get all a bit literal. At the moment I’m all over MAC Groundwork paint pot from the N collection with a tiny bit of black pencil liner worked right into the lash line paired with a strong lip. It really does balance your face more than a bare eye ever would.
  • Failing all of that, strong, sheer lipsticks are your saviour on a lazy night.  A bit of mascara, a bit of lippie, a bit of blush and you look polished yet relaxed. At the moment I’m all over Eager, a MAC lustre. 

There you have it, my fellow blondes. Go forth and wear red.  


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