Forestry in Tasmania

This is a subject that some may be squeamish about, so if the idea of, ahem, ‘deforesting Tasmania’ offends you, you may look away now. If you’re not sure what I mean here is a graphical representation.


If my good lady waxer is to be believed, most of us get this done. She insists it’s the biggest part of her business, and considering her speed and dexterity she clearly gets a lot of practice. I could go on at length about why this might be, and  I get the feeling it’s more of a Mary Douglas, matter-out-of-place, purity vs. pollution thing than anything kinkier, but I’ll leave that for another time. Today I shall talk about ingrowns, and how not to get them.  It’s common knowledge that you need to exfoliate to keep your pharoah’s tomb ingrown-free, but what you wash it with matters just as much. Last time I went my lady waxer recommended I use a tea tree body wash to kill bump-causing bacteria and also disinfect my exfoliating gloves, and I haven’t looked back.


American Crew Tea Tree shower gel is the business. It doesn’t have the medicinal smell you’d expect from a tea tree product; rather it’s citrusy and bright, yet subtle. At $22 it’s not cheap, but the gel is thick and foams well, so two small pumps is enough to do your whole body. I also appreciate the straightforward packaging.  But the best thing is its ingrown killing capacity, especially when combined with Skindoctors Ingrow Go. 


 Ingrow Go is basically a strong, alcohol-based salicylic acid solution, and you’ll want to wait a few days post-wax to begin using it. Trust me on that one. But the important thing is it works. It even kills that post-wax bumpy chicken skin look. At around $25 from pharmacies it is also not cheap, but one small bottle will last you a long, long time. 




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2 responses to “Forestry in Tasmania

  1. Sandra

    Just chanced on this blog – love your style. Fashion is something I’m not terribly concerned with personally – I’d be happy just to look presentable, but ever since moving to Aus and seeing so many more styles on the streets I’m getting a bit curious myself… But I’m still shy about it 🙂

    Your blog lets me indulge in my new curiosity without feeling like the next “fash-mags are my Bible” girl.

    And… where do you go for your waxes? I’m trying to find a good one – so far been to Essential Beauty a month ago and can still remember my vague confusion and the stinging pain…

  2. George Glass

    Hi there, Sandra! So glad you like what’s going on here. I think a certain amount of confusion and stinging goes along with any ladywax, but it does help if your waxer is brisk, precise and doesn’t mess with small talk. Call me uptight, but when a stranger is handling a body part usually reserved for my gynaecologist and my beloved I don’t really want to be talking about my plans for the weekend.

    I’m in Melbourne, and places I have gone to and enjoyed are Airs and Graces and Mango, both in North Melbourne, and, *cringe* Brazilian Butterfly in Carlton. Brazilian Butterfly are quick, well-priced and efficient, but MY GOODNESS they could have chosen a more subtle name. I feel like I need a raincoat and big glasses just to walk into their stores. I also rather despise how they make you ask for a ‘double-X’ or ‘triple-X.’ It just makes it all a bit sleazy.

    My ideal wax joint, in Fantasy George Glass World, would be like an olde timey ’50s barber shop, and you can go in and ask for a number two or a short back and sides and they’d know what you’re after. No fuss, no embarrassment, no sleaze.

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