Nails this week


 The venerable ‘Yoga To Get This Blue’ by OPI. To be frank, OPI’s cutesy names really grate on me, and ‘Yoga To Get’ really doesn’t do justice to how beautiful this polish is. It’s a deep, inky indigo with a subtle shimmer. It reads navy blue even in indirect light. It’s a keeper. 

Here’s a better picture of the shimmer.  


Please ignore the grody scar on my thumb. There was an altercation some time ago between a butternut pumpkin, a serrated vegetable peeler and my hand.  Needless to say, my hand lost.

I’ve been getting quite into nail polishes lately, not least because of Michelle’s inspiring blog. I’m finding that nail polish is one of those things that completely bypasses any mature, sensible part of my brain, going straight to my inner neon-obsessed 13 year old.  As such, every polish I’ve bought so far falls into one of three categories:  Polishes that would be worn by SBS news presenter and noted fashionista Lee Lin Chin:


Polishes that would be worn by cartoon superstar Jem of Jem and the Holograms:


 And polishes that would be worn by Stoneybrook Connecticut’s own trendsetter Claudia Kishi:


 As such, Yoga To Get is most definitely a Lee Lin Chin. 


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