Who knew?

For those of you with curly-through-wavy hair, which I shall go out on a limb and label as THE MOST ANNOYING HAIR TO HAVE, I learned something monumental yesterday: don’t twist it up in a towel. For most of my adult life the first thing I did after getting out of the shower was twist my hair up in a towel, and for most of my adult life I was getting these Pat Benator waves right at my temples. Then I read on Whoorl, aka my new internet crush (seriously, this woman looks like the love child of Kristen Davis and Evangeline Lilly, and she’s funny) that it is best to blot out the water from curly hair, rather than twist it up.

I’ve done this the past few days, flipping my hair upside down and squeezing out the water with a towel, and I kid you not it has completely changed my hair. The Pat Benatar wave is gone, my hair looks fuller, the curls better. I am a changed woman, and shall never twist up my hair again. 


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