Well, that’s a bit clever

I am very bad at removing my eye makeup at night. Don’t think I’m some kind of slovenly wench who doesn’t remove her makeup makeup at night; I do. I even cleanse twice. I just rarely use a separate eye makeup remover, and typically wind up with two attractive half-moons of mascara beneath my eyes for I’m too sexy, too sexy for my shirt, too sexy, it hurts etc. I used to buy Almay’s eye makeup remover pads, which were excellent, but I am bad at buying more when I run out. 

But I get the feeling I’ll definitely be buying more of QV’s clever little eye makeup remover.

I probably should have photographed it next to something for scale, but this little bottle is no longer than my index finger and not much thicker. It contains a highly concentrated, non-irritating makeup remover, and my quite sensitive eyes can back up that claim. But the best thing is it’s a spray. Two pumps and your cotton pad is thoroughly saturated and ready to roll.

But the best part for me is that you can also use this little spray to quickly de-gunge makeup brushes, just spray lightly and wipe on a tissue. Not only do I wake up without old mascara crusted beneath my eyes, but my brushes are clean. Great stuff. 


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