Nails this week

(in conversation with the lady I buy coffee from at regular intervals throughout the day)

‘Hey, nice nails, Rach.’

‘Thanks. I think it’s a bit bogan mother-of-the-bride, though.’

‘Nah, they look good. Besides, you could say it’s ironic. You’ve got the glasses for it.’

‘No, my glasses aren’t big enough to be ironic. They’re more Rivers Cuomo late 90s earnest.’

‘Really? So what counts as ironic these days?’

‘Big and round, like Estelle Getty.’

‘That makes no sense.’

‘I think that’s the point.’

‘I don’t understand the youth of today.’

‘Sigh. Neither do I.’

Nails this week are the peacock green shimmer of Bianca from Bloom’s amazing new nail polish range. I am completely retarded for these polishes. Not only is Bloom by far my favourite Australian brand, and not only are the colours so delicious and original they make my heart flutter, but the polishes are truly great quality. I’d personally prefer it if the brush was a bit wider, but that’s the minorest of quibbles. They’re $20 each, or $30 for two, so expect to see plenty more Bloom polishes around these parts. Bianca is a really unique colour, a genuine peacock blue-green with a beautiful shimmer. It’s definitely a Claudia colour. 

Also, please forgive the poor application here. I put it on quite hastily, cleaned it up then grabbed the nearest plaster bunny rabbit. Also, please let me know if you’d prefer me to be grasping the actual bottle rather than whatever happens to be around my desk in these pictures. 


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  1. Yeah, what is WITH “the kids” and those goddamn glasses. They’re so beyond FUGLY and I am far too vain to fathom why anyone would want to look like Tootsie/Brian Bury from the Today show way back when, ON PURPOSE. And why do all the boys dress the same as the girls in the lady jeans and everything???? If you can’t understand, Rach, as a bona fide old person I really really don’t understand.

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