Nails this week


The nail polish situation in Australia is truly dire. You can either stick to the rather poor offerings from the drugstore brands at Priceline, you can shell out $20 for OPI, you can hunt down $16.95 bottles of CND and Zoya at salons, or you can do as I do and leave yourself to the mercy of e-tailers like Head2Toe and 8ty8.

So when I first spotted Sportsgirls’ colourful range, I was a touch skeptical. Sure, the colours looked innovative and interesting, but surely this franchise, with its eyewateringly bad merchandising, orange sales assistants and insistence on a kind of Geelong Grammar fringey bohemian style couldn’t produce decent polish? But then I found myself between semesters and poor and hankering for a new polish fix, but not quite able to justify another order from an e-tailer, so I bought two Sportsgirl polishes at $8 a pop and gave them a red hot go.

This one, Fruit Tingle, is what I decided to go with this week. The texture was quite good, fluid and easy to apply, but the pigmentation wasn’t stellar. I have a big white flake of zinc deficiency or bruised nail bed or something or other on the nail of my index finger, and it took three coats to cover it up. It also dried to a slightly matte finish, which will undoubtedly disappoint Sportsgirl’s top coat eschewing schoolgirl clientele, some of whom were giving themselves full manicures at the tester station when I went to pick this up. The picture isn’t entirely accurate. While it’s bright to the point of neon, it has something of a dusty, coralish quality, hence the name fruit tingle.

I reckon I might get myself a few more of these and keep posting swatches as I go through them. All in all, Sportsgirls’ polishes are worth it, but only, of course, with a decent base and top coat.



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3 responses to “Nails this week

  1. My vote is in for Kit’s polishes – $15.95 each, and the shades are on-trend enough for my usual work week uniform of black. My toes are currently an awesome shade of orange from this range.

    This week I am wearing OPI’s Cajun Shrimp on my fingers … I must have shelled out hundreds on OPI…

    But the lack of beauty suppliers (retail, not wholesale) in Perth leaves me with no option.

  2. George Glass

    Oh man, I love Kit’s polishes, but would you believe even $15.95 gives me a little sticker shock at the moment? You know what sucks? Being a poor beauty nerd, that’s what sucks.

    You should totally check out the American e-tailers, like and You’ll never buy OPI in Australia ever again.

  3. I totally understand the sticker shock.

    I may be gainfully employed these days, but I was recently an honours student who spent mega bucks on art supplies.

    Working 2 days a week and lusting after $35 eyeshadow was absolute hell! Even though buying it meant I would be choosing turquoise shadow over lunch and dinner for two days.

    Still, I did become a crafty eBay junkie during this time.

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