TV inspiration and bedtime hair

What do you do with your hair when you’re kicking around the house or about to go to sleep? I have super-fine hair that isn’t so much tangle prone as liable to form a great, matted dreadlock at the slightest provocation, so I never sleep with my hair loose, and as soon as I get home the first thing I do is put my head upside down and twist my hair into a knot. I also love playing idly with my hair when I’m watching TV, attempting to do that foxy braid-along-the-hairline thing Nicole Richie does so well but never quite hitting the mark.

Lately that TV has been, for the most part, either ‘Gilmore Girls’ or ‘Big Love,’ and I’ve got to say it’s given me a lot of hair inspiration.  But not going out hair, oh no. Rory’s schoolgirl braids and Nicki’s fundie compound-inspired bouffant are hardly suitable for an evening out.  Instead I’ve discovered that the old-school, easy to do, sexy as a plaster cast, down the back of the head French braid is the best way to wrangle stray layers when you’re kicking around at home. Surely that counts as an inspiration, right?


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