A tale of two treatments

Things are a fraction, well, tight here at the moment, money-wise. I’m subsisting on my scholarship until the semester, and its many students needing the application of knowledge in exchange for money clicks back around. But a girl has needs, and shiny hair is one of the most important of needs, right up there with self actualisation on Maslow’s pyramid. So I explored the offerings at Priceline and came up with a couple of potential new deep conditioning treatments to keep my hair happy, as well as my wallet.

First up is L’oreal Elvive Re-Nutrition Night Elixir. I’ve been intrigued by the new overnight treatments, ever since an unfriendly hair dresser accuse me of having ‘fried’ hair and tried to make me buy a $70 Kerastase treatment. I’ve been on the Kerastase train for a long time, but I don’t like getting bullied into purchases. Night Elixir has a lovely, slippery cream-gel texture and a heavenly scent, with notes of jasmine and honey. You’re meant to apply it over dry hair, and I can’t really figure out what differentiates it from a regular leave in conditioner.  And, indeed, while it does smell beautiful, and left my hair feeling promisingly soft in the shower, it really didn’t do much. It does make a dandy styling cream, though.

Next up is John Frieda’s Luminous Colour Glaze, which I bought in clear. It got mixed reviews in the hive mind, aka Makeup Alley, but despite the ash tray smell I wouldn’t want to be without it. I’m not sure about its conditioning power, but the shine it gives is phenomenal.

In the end, if John Frieda Luminous Colour Glaze and L’oreal Elvive Re-Nutrition Night Elixir had a fight, John Frieda would most definitely win.


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  1. I jumped on both these bandwagons recently in an effort to ditch permanent dye (and encourage natural shine) … I agreee, the night elixir is nice, but fairly ineffective (us coarse haired gals need extra help) and while I saw great results with John Frieda, I must confess I am incredibly lazy, and much prefer my Biolage Extra Conditioning Balm (which still keeps hair-washing a two step process).

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