Nails this week


…. eugh, this has not been a good week. For starters, I left my $2,000 SLR in a cab after photographing a wedding. I’m also dealing with the fallout from a recent break up, which, considering we were living together, is considerable, and without going into detail (I do not discuss such things online) things became more complicated this week. Then my date for tonight cancelled on me. Admittedly they rescheduled, but still. Mummy needs a drink. And a manicure.

Whenever I need serious cheering up I reach for my beloved OPI Vodka and Caviar, a straight-up, lipstick on your collar, diamonds are a girl’s best friend red. It’s not earth-shatteringly unique, no, but it is elegant and timeless and a little bit saucy. And while I certainly don’t believe nail polish quality correlates with price – indeed, I find cut-price Misa polishes have the best formula out of my whole collection – OPI’s reds are sublime. This one applies flawlessly, indeed, it’s almost a one-coat red. And goodness knows I need something to go smoothly at the moment.

As an aside, I wish I could say this photo is blown out and makes me look paler than I am, but that is my real skin colour.


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