Needs more Joan

It’s sad that I didn’t even realise the Golden Globes were on until red carpet photos began appearing in my daily work-avoidance beauty blog reading. Truth be told I don’t really care about awards ceremonies, but I do care about the dresses, the hair, the Go Fug Yourself live blog… and that’s about it.

This year it was all a bit tasteful and boring and subtly, or not-so-subtly, influenced by these ladies:

Oh my word, these women hit it out of the park. I adore January Jones’ polished, slightly relaxed, ever-so-updated version of her Betty Draper curls, and I covet that orange lipstick more than you will ever know. But, as always, it’s Christine Hendricks who completely stole my heart. The piled-up, sticky-outy curls are a bit eccentric, but paired with that geometric black dress and her signature cat eye and pink lip it’s irresistable. Oh, Christine, or Joan, you can do no wrong.

As an aside, I find it really galling when people congratulate Christine Hendricks on ‘daring’ to have ‘curves,’ Hollywood-speak for ‘pull over, that ass too fat.’ I remember watching one interview that I lack the moral energy to look up now and thinking bitch, please, you are talking to motherfucking Joan Holloway. Those aren’t tame, euphemistic ‘curves’ she’s rocking; they are the beautiful, rocky shores upon which the hopes and dreams of countless men are dashed.

And as another aside, I sure do hope Mad Men doesn’t become as much of a sartorial influence as people say it is. They cast these women for a reason; because they are flawless and because they can do a polished, melancholic ’60s look like nobody else, and they do it in some of the best designed sets out there. I’ll definitely be attempting a few more roller sets this year, but I think I’ll leave the full-on 60s look to the professionals, lest I end up looking like, well


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