Three useful hair epiphanies

Via Superbomba

God, I love ladymags. The pretty dresses, the flagrant consumption, the first person feature articles about working in hostess bars and serial killers and taxi driver rapists. What I don’t love sometimes are glib pieces on hair and beauty, pieces that aren’t so much helpful as written in some kind of imaginary ladymag world where blow drying your hair with a large round brush is as easy as, well, glibly telling someone to blow dry their hair with a round brush. That shit is hard, y’all, hence why the better heeled amongst us get a hairdresser to do it (well, maybe not now in the context of the GFC, but you know what I mean).

So, as with many things in life, it wasn’t until I’d happened upon them myself that the hair wisdom of the ladymags really seeped in. Here are three things I recently learned make your hair really pretty.

1.Your hairdryer has a cool setting for a reason

I’ve been practicing the much-vaunted round brush blow dry lately, and after much, much time I’m starting to finally really understand it.  The key is to get your hair to 80% dry before busting out the sectioning clips and brush (oh, and my precious, my Ciment Thermique).  I find that I like to start by flipping my towel-dried, thermal-protected hair upside down and getting right into the roots using the concentrator attachment to get the roots as dry as possible and give  touch of good, old-fashioned bounce. Then, one fateful day, I decided to try cooling off my roots before standing up and watching the whole thing deflate. You know what? By thoroughly going back through my roots with the cool setting the volume didn’t flop back down as soon as I left my bathroom.

Same thing with my irritatingly cowlicky sideswept fringe. When I do my I-care-no-really-watch-me-make-an-effort blow dry I get to my fringe next, or else all hope is lost. When I’m done getting it dry and flat I press the ends against my head using my hand and cool it right down. Once more, fringe success!

2. One, two, three sections, bwahaha

I used to laboriously section my hair into quadrants when I unearthed my straightener from the sock drawer, which is rare because, again, for a beauty nerd I really am heroically lazy.  Then, while cruising YouTube for useful blowdrying tutorials (and finding none, sigh), I saw someone section their hair in three sections – one horizontal, going from eye level all around the head, one middle, and one at the crown. I really should post a picture, but for some reason I look like Rutger Hauer woken up from a bad hangover in pictures, so no.  Now it takes me all of ten minutes to run the GHD through each section. I just mist it all with Matrix Gold Heat Iron-In Volume, seize sections of roughly the right size, run through it with a fine tooth comb and whip the iron through it. Done and dusted. I also love the three section method when I use the…

3. Whoorl Curl 4 life!

Oh, man, where would I be without this clampless curling iron technique? I love it more than just about anything, as it is simple and a bit lazy and creates beautiful, relaxed waves-through-curls. I just use a crappy Sunbeam curling iron I bought from Big-W, and while it takes a good 20 minutes to heat up I don’t feel the need to upgrade. The long and the short of it is you brush out your air dried hair thoroughly, part it into two or my preferred three sections, and if you’re me spray it down with Gold Heat, then grab randomly sized sections, wrap it around the curling iron, clamp and all, holding the ends with your fingers, give it 20 seconds or so and move on. Because the ends are left out it gives the curls a slightly relaxed, tousled quality, and has become my night out staple. Love.


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