Never go full ‘ranga; or, trust your hair stylist

‘So are you going to adopt a new persona with this new hair?’

‘Like what?’

‘Like… saucy 1940s reporter? Sassy 1950s dame? Wisecracking Katherine Hepburn type?’

‘Hmm, I was thinking more Joan Holloway crossed with Julianne Moore from Safe. You know, saucy hypochondriac.’

‘Sounds like a plan.’

So I’ve gone from blonde to full, proper redhead, as is the style of the time. As far as post-breakup hair changes go I highly recommend this one. My skin looks better, paler, brighter; my eyes bluer; my hair shinier. I was contemplating putting a box semi through, but after consulting with a senior colourist at my new favourite salon I decided to front the cash and go the professional route.

And, my oh my, am I pleased I did. To be honest, when they first rinsed the colour out and dried my hair I was a little worried, as it was much darker than I thought we had discussed. But now that it’s been a few days and the colour has lost that new colour look it is absolutely flawless. Not quite what I originally had in mind; it’s much, much better. After discussing maintenance, aka how much money I’m willing to spend (some, but my version of ‘some’ is not the same as others), we decided on a coppery version of my natural dark ash blonde.  And so it is; a darkish, coppery strawberry blonde, not fake or naff or Napro Live Colourish in the slightest. The plan is to go at least two months between salon dye jobs, so it should fade down (slowly, with regular colour refreshing treatments) to a more strawberry version of my natural job.

So if you’re going to go red, see your colourist. They are nice people who will find a way to make you sassy without spending all your money.


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