Doin’ yer face 2.0: great beauty videos of the Internetwebmobisphere

Ever have one of those weeks where your fingers feel like big fat sausages, and no matter what you sit down to write, be it thesis, blog post, missive to the new American president re: new presidential dog (shelter dogs 4 life!), or email, and nothing will come out but the most awkward, disjointed sentences? I’ve had one of those weeks. Not that this has stopped my beauty nerdery at all – highlights include Kit sunscreen, Lipstick Queen Medieval, Kevin.Murphy making glorious products while also being called Kevin – but the reporting on such nerdery will come after the application of much caffeine and Vast Aire.

Fortunately we live in a time of Web 2.0, and there are countless videos out there to speak for me when I am feeling articulate. Here are some of my favourites.

1. Tracie at Jezebel.

For some reason they disabled embedding on these, but still. Tracie making up Gavin from Street Carnage makes me deeply happy. Out of anything, I take a perverse kind of pleasure in watching Tracie line Gavin’s waterline.  See also: ‘You prefer drawing on your face to socializing with other people?

2. Jude from The Girly Show.

Jude is adorable. She’s beautiful, she has a great voice and mad blending skills, and she’s able to pull off some seriously batshit crazy looks. You will learn a lot from her.

3. Karen from Makeup and Beauty Blog.

Blush Technique: The Bounce from Karen on Vimeo.

I adore Karen. She’s perky and cute and loves her cat and is unafraid to be a bit silly, all great things. Her video tutorials are great, well-produced and original. Get into it.

4. Australia’s Own Super Kawaiimama

Since I went full ‘ranga I’ve found myself drawn to more stylised, faintly retro hair, and one of the best ways to achieve this is with pincurls. Pincurls are crazy hard to do if you don’t know how, though, and this tutorial by the stunning Super Kawaiimama is incredibly useful. Pretty, too.


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