OMG you guys!


Kit has really found a place in my heart lately.  Their nail polishes are innovative and beautiful, the product selection well-edited and well-priced, the staff knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. I’d been using Clinique Superdefense as a sunscreen for a while, but it didn’t play well with my oily, oily skin.  It seemed to form a kind of film that greased up even the heartiest primer in a matter of hours.

So I headed off to Kit to find a replacement. I had my heart set on the rather expensive Medimatte by Cosmedicine, a rather gluey, primer-like lotion that can’t really be described as a moisturiser. My skin really doesn’t need a moisturiser; indeed, I get more than enough hydration from my daily antioxidant serum, so I was just after a decent broad spectrum sunscreen that wouldn’t grease up too quickly. I went in to Kit to get a sample, just to make sure it didn’t break me out (another reason to love Kit – the SAs cheerfully decant samples of any product you ask for without being rude about it), and the SA insisted I take a sample of Kit’s own face sunscreen. I’ll admit, I was suspicious. Surely this thick cream can’t be a decent uption for truly oily skin?

I used both samples up and, you know what? Kit sunscreen FTW! Medimatte was gluey and thick, unpleasantly so, while Kit absorbed quickly and thoroughly with no film on the skin. It plays well with primer, and the tube is sensibly generous, so you have no reservations about thoroughly slathering yourself in the stuff. Now all Kit needs to do is release a tinted version of this in time for the heat wave about to decimate Melbourne and we’ll be set…


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