Oh, Joy!


Is there anything better than getting things in the mail? The new Misa Living on the Fast Lane collection arrived yesterday, sans On The Edge (struck me as dupey for OPI Dancing with a Royal) and Right Here Now, No More Later (I can’t really do sky blues), along with The It Color from the OPI Mod collection, which, for some reason I didn’t take home the first time around. Ignore the CND polish sitting there – I pulled it out to see if Push Upon It is a dupe for Regal Revenge, hands down my favouritest ever ballsy pink.

All right, see that paragraph right there? That nebbish comparing of brands and collections, the breathless thrill at adding to my collection? That’s what I mean by beauty nerd, and nowhere am I more nerdly than when it comes to nails. Whenever my ladies come over they go straight to the drawer(s) containing my ever-expanding collection.

All of this is a way to brag about something awesome and new. I’m now guest blogging on the most excellent Primped, which excites me almost as much (okay, more) than getting mail.  I’ve been a little internet smitten with Zoe since she began Fruity Beauty, and I really love what she’s done with Primped. It’s comprehensive, well-written and a great Australian resource. I’m so glad to be part of this.



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5 responses to “Oh, Joy!

  1. Where did you get your nail polish from? I have been looking for websites to purchase nail polishes for some time now.

    Btw, I totally agree with you about Zoe. She is awesome isn’t she? It is a shame that she’s not updating fruitybeauty anymore.


  2. Three cheers, George! Love your work.
    Am v. pleased to see you posting on Primped.

    I would have said that on the site, but it seems both home and work are having issues with the comment feature on the site.

  3. George Glass

    Ponikuta – I loved your t-shirt post on Primped. I’ve been blotting my hair with a t-shirt rather than a towel for a while now, but I’ve never come across that twisty method before. I shall have to try it.

    When it comes to nail polish, I like two very sketchy looking sites – head2toebeauty.com and 8ty8beauty.com. I kind of prefer head2toe as they ship very promptly and their customer service is great. 8ty8 aren’t accepting new orders at the moment, which is a shame as they ship CND overseas and head2toe don’t, but I have a huge stockpile of CND Stickey and that’s the only CND product I use regularly, anyway.

    Juji! Primped does need to have a little work done on the back end (… heh), but I’m sure it’ll get resolved. As an aside, I adored your Cherries in the Snow mani. I have a real thing for products that have been around since the 50s.

  4. Ha, the revlon counter in my local pharmacy led me to the wonders of 24k Orange lipstick…

    (A relic from bygone eras, for sure.)

    I have always loved cherries in the snow and revlon red. Shame the formula is not up there with my usual favourites.

  5. Hey George, thank you so much for the websites. I’ll be ordering some stuff off head2toe really soon.


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