Nails this week

regal_revenge1Gosh, it’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these, hasn’t it? It’s not as though I haven’t been doing my nails. I have, a lot, and in a great deal of colours. It’s such a shame I didn’t post Dirty Sexy Money from my latest Misa haul because, holy cow, what a great weird murky greeny blue that was, but I shall swatch soon. This is CND Regal Revenge, definitely a top 5 polish. I’m not even sure if this is in the permanent CND collection or not. CND is such a strange brand. I couldn’t live without their Stickey base coat, and while I’m starting to prefer Poshe AHA cuticle care to Cuticle Eraser, Cuticle Eraser is still a great product. But they don’t seem to be making seasonal collections any more, and I also heard they slashed their permanent collection, which makes no sense.

Either way, Regal Revenge is a beautiful, deep, glowy pink of the sort that makes my heart flutter. For someone as obsessed with all things beauty as I am, I’m actually a bit androgynous, style-wise, which is why it’s perhaps surprising that I always fall for the deep, berryish pinks in a collection. The application for this polish is smooth and flawless, and it dries into an elegant, glassy cream. An absolute must-have, if you can find it.


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