I never thought I’d love you so


You know how in romantic comedies some adorable, clear-skinned, bouncy-haired lady might bump into a tall and infuriatingly arrogant man in a beautiful and clean street, and perhaps he knocks her shopping out of her hands and she immediately swears that she hates him, and then, after a series of unlikely and quirky events, she realises she looooves him?

That’s how I feel about Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser. But first, allow me to backtrack. I like to use a separate cleanser for morning and night, simply because my nighttime cleanser has to deal with all the sunscreen and foundation and powder and whatnot I wear during the day, and my daytime cleanser has less to worry about. For a long time I’ve been using straight sweet almond oil to emulsify my makeup, then cleanse with warm water and Neutrogena’s most excellent and truly gentle Fresh Foaming Cleanser. I like having a little surfactant action to get rid of all the oil and makeup, and it has yet to dry my skin out in all the year’s I’ve been using it. Also, it comes in a satisfying blue pump pack.

For a while, morning cleansers were a little harder. I bounced from Priceline brand to Priceline brand, this one too harsh, this one too oily, this one too foamy, this one irritatingly full of menthol. One day I wandered in to the Kiehls boutique in David Jones on Bourke St and thought, hell, at least Kiehls will look cute in my shower, and I picked up Ultra Facial without much thought.

And, you kow what? Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser truly is the greatest morning cleanser I’ve ever used. It’s a heavenly, creamy gel, completely unscented and non-irritating, with enough cleansing power to remove anything that needs removing, without drying your skin out. And at around $34-$36 for a large tube it’s totally economical. My tube is just starting to run out, and I know that I simply cannot live without my beloved.


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