I’d have called it Suspiria


Don’t ask me why, but Cupcake, this peachy Sportsgirl polish with the finest of champagne blonde shimmers, really reminds me of a Dario Argento film. Standing amongst the fast fashion chaos of your average Sportsgirl, it made me want to run terrified down the hallway of a ballet school in a filmy nightdress, curtains billowing, menaced by some unseen presence.

But that’s just me.

Sportsgirl polishes continue to perplex me. I really don’t buy into the hype that price = quality, especially with nail polish. I’d rather one of Rimmel’s beautiful, unique polishes over Chanel’s overpriced, chippy disasters every time. For me, polish wear is determined largely by the base and top coat combination (for me, Seche Vite and CND Stickey), application technique (tip wrapping and the Stickey Sanwich), nail length and shape (short, faintly below the finger tip, and square) and maintenance (slicking on another coat of top coat a couple of times a week, wearing gloves to do housework, opening Coke cans with your house key), and my manicures typically last a week before they get too scrappy to handle.  But Cupcake just killed me. It refused to dry. Refused to. It remained soft and smudgy and wrong for hours, even under my usual fast drying coat of Seche Vite, and I could dent it days later. I really adore this odd, 70s-ish colour, reminiscent of Giallo films and the girdles your grandmother wore, but the formula really spoils it for me. I’ll be on the lookout for a better peach.


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