Game changer

Apologies for the Image Searched photo - my camera was uncooperative this morning.

Apologies for the Image Searched photo - my camera was uncooperative this morning.

My best friend gave me the most amazing box of delights from Kit Cosmetics, aka baby Mecca, aka the one store we actually breathlessly talk about when we’re out for a drink or two. Oh, the love for Kit is strong amongst my friends. We love their superlative nail polishes, their great range of brands, we love Korres, Mario Badescu, Too Faced, theBalm, everything Poppy King has ever done, ever, we love the friendly staff and great store fit-outs, we love it all.

Anyway, my best friend gave me theBalm’s Hot Mama, a peachy, blush with a gold shimmer often described as a dupe of the ubiquitous Nars Orgasm. Now, I teach 18 year olds, 18 year olds with liberal access to their parents’ credit cards, and this has given me an aversion to Sass & Bide jeans, spray tans, aggressively GHD’d hair, Lancome Juicy Tubes and Nars Orgasm, which they positively baste themselves in before coming to class, but my BF has fine taste, and is also a very pale girl like myself, so I gave Hot Mama a red hot, if skeptical, go.

I also have offensively oily skin, so I am a total shimmerphobe, fearing the slightest hint of iridescence might transform into a greasy mess. When I first brushed a little Hot Mama onto my cheekbones I was apprehensive. There was definitely shimmer, verging on shine, and I didn’t know how it would go during the day. Then, as I was walking to the tram stop, I caught sight of myself in a window and, goshdarnit, that shine was pretty. I finally understood that ‘glow’ all those beauty editors are always going on about. What’s more, I found myself embracing my natural grease glow. While I still blot my nose and forehead of an afternoon, I let the rest of my face do its own thing, and I’m also on the look out for more shimmer products.

So thank you, Hot Mama, for helping me to accept my hideous oil slick of a face youthful dewiness.


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