Oh the boob-manity

Kush Support – A Natural Rest For The BreastsThe funniest videos clips are here

Zoe’s recent post on mysterious boob lines is a timely reminder that, even in the current wintery climate, One’s Face Ends at One’s Boobs (actually, I believe it was Zoe who reminded me of that back in the days of Fruity Beauty). I was lucky, because when I was a mere 12 my grandmother who, bless her, had more wrinkles than a shar pei fresh from the drier, seized me and said ‘WHATEVER YOU DO always take your moisturiser down to your boobs OR YOU’LL END UP LIKE ME,’ thus triggering a lifetime of feverish boob-moisturising.

And remember: just because it’s winter doesn’t mean there’s a sun up in that sky waiting to destroy your lady treasures.  My favouritest thing in the whole entire world is the Cancer Council sunscreen roll-on, because you can carry it in your bag and it won’t explode. Roll it all over boobs, neck and arms whenever you see it. I’m also a huge advocate of extending your exfoliating products down to your boobs, but that is the subject of tomorrow’s post.

Either way, as with the One True Ring, you’ve got to keep ’em secret, keep ’em safe.


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