Wanna see me disco?

So I bought these pants, and made plans to go out and tear it up, and did my hair real pretty and vowed to use the word ‘disco’ as a verb…. and then we went home before 11 because it was cold and I was sleepy. Nevertheless, my nails were hot.

opi_myprivatejetOPI My Private Jet. Smokey, holographic goodness. I layered this over black to get the full sparkley disco effect. My nails are super long here and badly need to be filed down. That’s a task for a more energetic night.



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4 responses to “Wanna see me disco?

  1. LOVE: the pants and MPJ.
    And I finally tried the stickey sandwich – amazing!

    • George Glass

      Isn’t the stickey sandwich amazing? It’s so easy to DIY a truly lasting manicure. All the professional ones I’ve had in the past chip too quickly.

  2. The length works well with the color. Good going using it over black. I adore that My Private Jet as well. Use Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea, and voila! Exotic goodness.

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