About George Glass

George Glass is a 25 year old graduate student chugging through her PhD in sunny, rainy, bipolar Melbourne, Australia. ‘Slap’ is Australian slang for makeup, and makeup makes her happy, hence the name of this blog. At the moment she is particularly happy about Seche Vite top coat, the Kerastase Oleo-Curl range, Kiehls tinted lip balm and Nars China Blue eye shadow.

As a teenager she had acne so powerful, oily and disgusting it took two courses of Roaccutane to get rid of it. It was emotionally scarring, but fortunately the prompt and competent care of a dermatologist prevented it from being physically scarring. As a result George Glass now researches all her skin care thoroughly, and is a devoted follower of Paula Begoun, even if The Paula does gratuitously  overuse the term ‘state-of-the-art.’ Her skin is now quite nice, actually, if a touch oily.

George Glass believes in the power of sunscreen, tastefully applied blush, a cheerful manicure, liquid eyeliner and a good haircut. She does not believe in fake tan of any sort, and doesn’t understand what beauty writers mean when they use the word ‘glow.’ She hates leggings so powerfully you’d think leggings ran over her childhood dog.

Even though George Glass cares a lot about makeup, you’d be lucky to see her wearing mascara most days, as the life of a graduate student is a bookish and antisocial one. However, she relishes every opportunity to get slap happy.


One response to “About George Glass

  1. Annie

    Hi from New York City! I just randomly came across your site. We must be product soulmates or something because I seem to have already used and loved many of the things you review, especially the nailpolish/colors. And call me crazy but I just may take a leap of faith and try some products you whole heartily recommended 🙂 I love your commentary by the way and uh…just keep up with this as you gained another avid follower. Take care.

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