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sportsgirlSee these polishes? This perfect, turtledove grey polish and the absolutely flawless nude, the first flecked with barely perceptible silver shimmer, the second fine, fine silver? These polishes that are the epitome of every colour I’m feeling this winter? These polishes that are only $8 a pop?

Swoon. SWOON. Swoon so hard I even swatched them.

nude_sportsgirlThis is Nude, and Nude it is, the perfect Belle du Jour nude I’ve been waiting for.  Forgive the lumpen appearance. This is my first time doing swatches for the purpose of blogging and I applied the second coat immediately after the first. The formula was a little watery with this one, and it was difficult to judge how much polish I needed on the brush. Still. PERFECT.

stormy_sportsgirlSee the fine shimmer in this? The barely perceptible shimmer giving this beautiful, blue-grey turtledove shade depth? I am a total sucker for bare-shimmer cremes like these. This colour is unbelievable. It was my manicure this week and I couldn’t stop staring at my hands.

Sportsgirl shades seem to come and go, so get into your local store before they fly off the shelves. I predict Stormy will go before Nude, as others might not be feeling the same soft shade vibe as me. Either way, they are perfect, flawless, one of a kind. GET THEM.



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Wanna see me disco?

So I bought these pants, and made plans to go out and tear it up, and did my hair real pretty and vowed to use the word ‘disco’ as a verb…. and then we went home before 11 because it was cold and I was sleepy. Nevertheless, my nails were hot.

opi_myprivatejetOPI My Private Jet. Smokey, holographic goodness. I layered this over black to get the full sparkley disco effect. My nails are super long here and badly need to be filed down. That’s a task for a more energetic night.


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A tale of two soft shades

After my experiment with Sportsgirl’s Cupcake I’ve been on the hunt for just the right soft shade. I’m really going for a 1960s, slightly saucy, Catherine Deneuve in Belle De Jour style soft shade, the kind of nail polish that can take you from urbane salon to bordello in a single day. So I scoured Scrangie and The Polish Addict for swatches, then put in an order for polishes from Misa and OPI and, well…

opi_whoneedsaprinceThe first one I tried, OPI’s Who Needs a Prince, wasn’t quite the sleek, elegant nude I was hoping for. It’s a white jelly with superfine red shimmer, making it look pink from a distance, and… eh. It’s pearlescent but a touch too girly for my tastes.

highwaisthueThe second one, Misa’s High Waist Hue, is a strange one. It’s a pinkish-beige, bandaidy creme, potentially the most Belle du Jour of the two, but it just looks… odd. I’m a huge fan of the Stickey sandwich to keep my polish in place, and I usually never see the green of Stickey through my polish, but Stickey did weird things with this colour.

I’m still on the look out for the right quietly sexy soft shade. Any suggestions?

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I’d have called it Suspiria


Don’t ask me why, but Cupcake, this peachy Sportsgirl polish with the finest of champagne blonde shimmers, really reminds me of a Dario Argento film. Standing amongst the fast fashion chaos of your average Sportsgirl, it made me want to run terrified down the hallway of a ballet school in a filmy nightdress, curtains billowing, menaced by some unseen presence.

But that’s just me.

Sportsgirl polishes continue to perplex me. I really don’t buy into the hype that price = quality, especially with nail polish. I’d rather one of Rimmel’s beautiful, unique polishes over Chanel’s overpriced, chippy disasters every time. For me, polish wear is determined largely by the base and top coat combination (for me, Seche Vite and CND Stickey), application technique (tip wrapping and the Stickey Sanwich), nail length and shape (short, faintly below the finger tip, and square) and maintenance (slicking on another coat of top coat a couple of times a week, wearing gloves to do housework, opening Coke cans with your house key), and my manicures typically last a week before they get too scrappy to handle.  But Cupcake just killed me. It refused to dry. Refused to. It remained soft and smudgy and wrong for hours, even under my usual fast drying coat of Seche Vite, and I could dent it days later. I really adore this odd, 70s-ish colour, reminiscent of Giallo films and the girdles your grandmother wore, but the formula really spoils it for me. I’ll be on the lookout for a better peach.

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Nails this week

regal_revenge1Gosh, it’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these, hasn’t it? It’s not as though I haven’t been doing my nails. I have, a lot, and in a great deal of colours. It’s such a shame I didn’t post Dirty Sexy Money from my latest Misa haul because, holy cow, what a great weird murky greeny blue that was, but I shall swatch soon. This is CND Regal Revenge, definitely a top 5 polish. I’m not even sure if this is in the permanent CND collection or not. CND is such a strange brand. I couldn’t live without their Stickey base coat, and while I’m starting to prefer Poshe AHA cuticle care to Cuticle Eraser, Cuticle Eraser is still a great product. But they don’t seem to be making seasonal collections any more, and I also heard they slashed their permanent collection, which makes no sense.

Either way, Regal Revenge is a beautiful, deep, glowy pink of the sort that makes my heart flutter. For someone as obsessed with all things beauty as I am, I’m actually a bit androgynous, style-wise, which is why it’s perhaps surprising that I always fall for the deep, berryish pinks in a collection. The application for this polish is smooth and flawless, and it dries into an elegant, glassy cream. An absolute must-have, if you can find it.

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Oh, Joy!


Is there anything better than getting things in the mail? The new Misa Living on the Fast Lane collection arrived yesterday, sans On The Edge (struck me as dupey for OPI Dancing with a Royal) and Right Here Now, No More Later (I can’t really do sky blues), along with The It Color from the OPI Mod collection, which, for some reason I didn’t take home the first time around. Ignore the CND polish sitting there – I pulled it out to see if Push Upon It is a dupe for Regal Revenge, hands down my favouritest ever ballsy pink.

All right, see that paragraph right there? That nebbish comparing of brands and collections, the breathless thrill at adding to my collection? That’s what I mean by beauty nerd, and nowhere am I more nerdly than when it comes to nails. Whenever my ladies come over they go straight to the drawer(s) containing my ever-expanding collection.

All of this is a way to brag about something awesome and new. I’m now guest blogging on the most excellent Primped, which excites me almost as much (okay, more) than getting mail.  I’ve been a little internet smitten with Zoe since she began Fruity Beauty, and I really love what she’s done with Primped. It’s comprehensive, well-written and a great Australian resource. I’m so glad to be part of this.


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Nails this week


…. eugh, this has not been a good week. For starters, I left my $2,000 SLR in a cab after photographing a wedding. I’m also dealing with the fallout from a recent break up, which, considering we were living together, is considerable, and without going into detail (I do not discuss such things online) things became more complicated this week. Then my date for tonight cancelled on me. Admittedly they rescheduled, but still. Mummy needs a drink. And a manicure.

Whenever I need serious cheering up I reach for my beloved OPI Vodka and Caviar, a straight-up, lipstick on your collar, diamonds are a girl’s best friend red. It’s not earth-shatteringly unique, no, but it is elegant and timeless and a little bit saucy. And while I certainly don’t believe nail polish quality correlates with price – indeed, I find cut-price Misa polishes have the best formula out of my whole collection – OPI’s reds are sublime. This one applies flawlessly, indeed, it’s almost a one-coat red. And goodness knows I need something to go smoothly at the moment.

As an aside, I wish I could say this photo is blown out and makes me look paler than I am, but that is my real skin colour.

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