It was like they were reading my mind

TRUE CONFESSION: I have a GHD. I went through a phase of using it after before work at the kind of place where people would see me. I really didn’t like it.

This feels like sacrilege, because surely the GHD is the greatest thing that ever happened to hair. And perhaps it could be a great thing for my hair, and maybe I just don’t have the skills to use it, but I am but a lowly beauty nerd, not Dario Cotroneo. While I’m more than willing to put in an effort, I don’t want fixing my hair to feel like homework, or an exam I’m continually failing. I can straighten with a GHD, but it always feels a little crisp, a little flat, a little flat-ironed looking. GHD curls completely fail me.You know what doesn’t fail me? A hairdrier, a round brush, and a curling iron.

The hairdrier-round-brush combo is a difficult one, and it sounds like it would be much harder than a GHD. However, this winter I’ve found myself drying my hair after I wash it more often, as it’s just too cold to air dry, and when I do air dry my hair has the limp, stringy appearance of a puli dog.¬† So I started blow-drying, and found (a) that my fine hair will blow straight with next to no effort, so long as I keep the air flow moving from roots to ends, down the hair shaft, and (b) it’s possible to master the hairdressery round brush blow dry, complete with flipping the hair over the barrel of the drier when you reach the ends, if you look away from the mirror and stop thinking about it. Seriously. Try it next time you’re in the mood to play with your hair. Just let your hands do what they need to and the blowdry will follow.

Forgive the Image Searched picture - finding my camera was beyond me today

Forgive the Image Searched picture - finding my camera was beyond me today

The curling iron, however – and here we get to the point of the post (BURYING THE LEDE, YOU GUYS!) – is a lifesaver. Life. Saver. I use it to quickly Whoorl Curl a day-old blow dry, I pin up tighter curls, let them cool, then unpin for a more structured look, I wind broad sections around it, then quickly wrap those sections around Kevin.Murphy rollers to cool for very set, 1940s waves. You’ll see it has no clamp. I never use the clamp, and find no need to. It’s also a nice, smooth, versatile, if suspicious looking, cone. It heats up very quickly and has a wide range of heat settings. Babyliss Conical Styler. Get into it.


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